Growing food in an urban environment is a matter of efficiency. Although the city is already dense, the use of space in the city can still be improved upon. In the article “Detroit’s Quiet Revolution”citizens have  used the surrounding, decaying infrastructure for urban farming. Efficiency in this day and age is very important. Why waste an opportunity? Growing food in an urban environment, whether it be windows or old parking lots, allows food to be transported more easily and makes communities more self-reliant. Urban farming drives the cost of living down allowing for people to spend more money into other pursuits.

If I were to do this in my dorm room, I would grow something that requires little maintenance. In the video, “Window Farms” the plants have to be rotated in order to grow properly. I for one would not like that kind of work. I would probably grow an aloe plant. It requires little water and upkeep but provides many uses. It can be used in food, as a treatment for burns, and it can be applied to the skin for nutrients. It’s efficient in its many uses and costs of upkeep.


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