Farmer’s market is a way for consumer’s to purchase food straight from the farm. There is no middle man. The food you buy at the Farmer’s Market did not arrive in a semitruck that has been on the road the last couple days. Buying food local helps the community around you as well. The money spent helps local farmers to produce food which in turns helps the community. Without farmer’s markets, the only other way to truly get fresh food would to grow it. Farmer’s markets allowing for fresher foods that’s more convenient.

Locavores are able to make more of a connection with the source of their food and support their local economy. They are able to create meaningful relationships to farmer’s and actively seek the food they want. The food is considered to taste better because it takes less time for the food to arrive to the area because it’s local and the food is seasonal and fresher. There is more variety and the food comes around to the consumer faster allowing for a smaller timeframe for contamination. In February alone, a locavore can get Asian veggies, apples, kiwi, and spinach.


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