The argument for eating locally is that it’s more ethical. You support the local economy and you lower your carbon footprint. Well, the reason I don’t eat locally is also for an ethical reason. I was not crazy about the idea of spending more money in order to restrict my diet to local food. I naturally tried to find a way out of it. Surprisingly I didn’t need to do much research to find an excuse not to eat locally. A study in New Zealand has shown that eating local sheep actually four times more harmful to the environment as oppose to shipping sheep meat from New Zealand to eat. The reason being is that 83% of the carbon footprint in food is the production of it. That means if a farther away farm is even slightly more efficient in production then you’re better off eating food that’s not local. Because of my moral judgement, I choose not to participate in the locavore challenge. Also I’m broke and I can’t afford to eat anywhere outside the D.C.


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