interview with food prep

  • What’s your name? Richard Zhou
  • What’s your occupation? Food Prep
  • Where do you work? Dining Commons
  • Why did you take this job? Money, experience
  • How much do you get paid? $10.15 per hour
  • Do you share tips? No tips
  • What kind of establishment is it? Fast food? Dine-in restaurant? Food court on campus
  • What kind of food is served here? Everyday is different, but all kinds of food have been served here
  • How long have you been working here? Seven months
  • How long are your hours? Approximately 15 hours a week
  • Do you have to wear a uniform? Do you have to purchase it? Yes, there’s a uniform and no I didn’t have to purchase it
  • What’s your typical day like? It’s busy, lots of tasks to complete in a set amount of time
  • Do you enjoy working here? It’s alright
  • What’s your favorite dish? I don’t have a favorite dish, it just depends on who makes it
  • Would you eat from here? Yes, only if I have no other option; not worth paying for
  • Where did you learn your skills? (from a culinary school?) I was taught the things I needed to know when I was given a task
  • What kind of conflicts do you come across with the customers/diners? No conflicts
  • How is the work environment? It’s okay, some things are really unorganized
  • What made you want to work here? Money, experience
  • What’s a pet peeve committed by a customer? Some of the customers can be extremely picky when it comes to how some foods are cooked and chances are, they’ll probably waste it even if it is to their satisfaction. It’s rare for someone to finish their plate of food
  • Have you ever done anything to a customer’s food? No
  • How clean is the establishment? It’s decent

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