A week as a Waiter

The argument in this excerpt is about how struggles of the waiter are severely underestimated.

Perspective is a food critic who works as a waiter for a week in order to gain insight about the work environment.

Tone is casual but informative.

Audience is towards people who are interested in all things food

The piece is written like a diary entry over a course of a week.

Because of how each writing element is used the piece is more personable.

Dine at Rome’s Nonna Betta

The argument in this video is that having a distinct history and culture impedes progress and growth.

Perspective is that of an open minded individual from America.

The tone is conversational and quasi-interview like.

The audience are people who like watching the travel channel.

The video is black and white bringing into focus the argument.

The Cursing Mommy

The argument is about how chaotic cooking really is for the average consumer.

Perspective is that of a person struggling to cook a meal.

Tone is conversational and in the first person.

The audience is the common folk who can empathize with her situation.

Because of the was this piece is structured, the article

is able to connect with more readers.


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