May 6th post

Since participation is 10% out of our grade, I will rate my grade out of 10. I honestly believe I deserve 8.5/10. I was not the most active speaker in the class, but I participated in every class discussion. I often came to class early to discuss beforehand the article we read. During this time I prepared for class by rereading articles before class. I would come to class with a question or remark about said reading. I would usually have at least two remarks or questions during the discussions. When we got into groups for discussions I was not the most proactive students in making the groups, but I influence the direction of discussion in my groups. I broke down the discussion into parts making it easier for the group to focus on answering a question or forming a thesis. And I always volunteered to speak about the larger parts of our mini presentations in class. I believe I exceeded an average student standard but have not earned myself above a 8.5/10. The lack of initiative action prevented me from earning above a “B” grade.


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